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"Our mission is always to offer the best scissors for any of the consumer's cutting demands."

About us

Torsten Kretzer

Torsten Kretzer

“We have made it our business and our mission to always deliver the best scissors for all cutting applications.”

With a production area of almost 7,000 square feet and with 50 employees, KRETZER SCISSORS SOLINGEN produces over 23,000 scissors weekly. Thus, a total shear production of about 1.3 million units annually, which are distributed worldwide. To achieve these enormous quantities of consistent high quality, advanced production equipment and techniques are required.

KRETZER SCISSORS SOLINGEN combines these in addition with decades of experience and skill.The result: guaranteed quality products – piece by piece. From industrial to garden to hobby including individual custom scissors, all areas of the market are completely covered.

If you want to learn more about one of the biggest scissors manufacturer in the world, ask for the detailed KRETZER SCISSORS – in special catalogs or visit our factory.

Corporate data and basic information:

Established: 1923
Production: 1.3 million pieces per year
Export content: 49%
Employees: 50